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Our current thoughts for the future! #planning! #todaysconversation!

We are really keen to stay open all year round. Prior to covid we opened as a seasonal restaurant, out first summer was amazing, suited us perfectly!

Unfortunately covid hit, set us all back. It was felt globally. It certainly made us re-think our approach and our direction.

We want to embrace the current times, the current struggles. We really want to support and look after our local community. Create an environment that is friendly, welcoming those close to us and further afield!

We want to live in the moment and enjoy the day to day life, celebrating birthdays, baptism, marriage, life as we know it! From small intimate gatherings to larger parties. Be it family, close friends, work colleagues. We want to embrace the here and now, capturing the moment beautifully over a deliciously cooked cuisine placing your tastes at the centre.

We invite you to come and see us, share your thoughts/visions and allow us to create the perfect setting. Life is for living, there's always time for celebrations!

Lots of love,

Restaurant Les Oliviers Aurignac Family!


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