• Grant Haines

Our Very Own Fabulous Terrace With A View!

Restaurant Les Oliviers is beautifully set overlooking the skyline of the pyrenees!

We built the restaurant from the old stables on a farm and it could not be more perfect. Our focus is on beautifully cooked dishes, served in a relaxed environment where one is allowed to drink in the moment and savour their time. Our customers love our terrace and its beautiful view! Of course one cannot own a restaurant in the south of France without a wine cellar! We invite all customers to make themselves at home and take a trip to the wine cellar......one will not be disappointed! Our Wine Connoisseur is Laurent, based in Aurignac, Labatut Fourcade SARL Av. de Boulogne. One must have priorities, a dish cannot be complete without the perfect glass!

Finally a little about ourselves, Grant is our chef from South Africa, hence the choice of dishes and love for meat! I must also add this restaurant was his vision and he built it himself. I am from Ireland and I have placed myself as front of house. Together we make a great team and enjoy the colourful side of life. We thoroughly enjoy people, good food and good wine. We are delighted to be able to share our experiences with you and only hope you enjoy your experience with us.

Jean & Grant,

Restaurant Les Oliviers Aurignac.

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