• Grant Haines

Wedding Planning!!

Exciting Times!

This is our moment, to create the perfect setting for a perfect wedding!

Who better to kick start the wedding festivities than ourselves, the owners!

We set our sights just over 14 months ago, on creating the perfect wedding venue.

We have enjoyed discussing and planning, discussing and planning.

As time has gone on our thoughts and ideas have evolved into what we believe is the perfect setting for our perfect day.

We have centred all our plans around us and our beautiful venue.

From our olive tree to our beautiful terrace, we have walked every inch of our property with excitement, visualising how our day plays out. Talking into account ourselves, our families, our friends, just hoping that everyone is even half as excited as we are!

This is our moment to share ourselves and our visions with Aurignac and our world.

Needless to say we have taken on the challenge and pride ourselves in thinking we will deliver in style!

We look forward to sharing with you in the coming weeks the final preparation, bringing it all together.

Until next week,

Jean & Grant,

Restaurant Les Oliviers Aurignac! Xxx

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